Thank you so much to all of the Fittens, Hinkles, Bogerts, Morrisons, Sines', Beardslees, Stanfields, Abbotts, and Sweets for letting me take part in capturing your family reunion!  :) Thank you all for your patience waiting for the photos, in the below gallery you'll see a little over 180 photos that I was able to take that day. 

I am sending several USB drives with ALL of the photos from the reunion (about 500) to Brenda. If there's photos you don't see in the below gallery feel free to let myself or Brenda know and we'd be glad to get them to you. In the coming weeks I will be uploading the rest of the photos to this gallery, when wifi permits so feel free to check back here. I'll post an update up top. 

Thank you all so much!!!